Saturday, October 31, 2009

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Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloweeeeeeeeeeeeen!

Happy Halloween from Tanner the giraffe and his safari parents!

Eli is usually the photographer but since he was at school, I did this little photoshoot with Tan! It was so fun!

A doctor in the making...


He got his first acceptance at the University of Vermont in Burlington last week and we are ecstatic and relieved! After a slight detour that ended up being a blessing (moving to Payson and getting his Masters degree in Public Health), we are finally going to med school. Right now Vermont is the place unless he gets accepted at a school he likes better. Applying to med school is HARD WORK and an applicant has to be amazing to get in with all of their requirements. Eli definitely deserves this. CONGRATS LOVEY LOVE!!!!!!!!!

Here's the future Doctor Morey making the Good News calls to the fam!

Health Care Dad

My dad is way into health care reform and he really is very knowledgeable. He was actually in the newspaper recently. Check it out! Here's a link to the article:

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hold onto your horses, there's A LOT of ground to cover!

I just spent the last week updating the blog with activities from the past 6 weeks. Whew! That's quite a job. After this post, there are 15 new posts showing what we have been up to since returning from Baltimore. Before you look at those pictures, here are some random pictures of the Tannerman!
After spending the summer in Baltimore, and 2 weeks in Colorado at the end of the summer, we are back in Payson, Utah. Payson is a small town (rural but bigger than a small rural farm town) 20 miles south of Provo. We have the most beautiful view from our house, especially of the sunsets! We are here until the end of December and then possibly moving to Salt Lake or Denver, wherever Eli gets a job until med school starts.

He's trying to feed himself these days. He eats a lot of finger foods but I haven't relinquished the spoon to him because he treats it like a toy intead of an eating utensil.

Little plumbers crack - ha ha!

He loves anything in stick form - mixing spoons, fly swatters, rulers, tooth brushes, etc.

Doing the bear crawl because he doesn't like grass.

Every time Tan sees a picture of Jesus, he gets a HUGE smile and starts reaching for him and "talking" to him. He will also lean in and suck on the glass, giving Jesus "kisses." He he he! So cute!
He loves his BYU ball we named Iggy because he says "Eh-gee" everytime he throws it.

We picked these berries at a berry farm and they were DELISH.

My crazy hair child - his hair reflects his personality perfectly

A bath in the sink is necessary after Tanner's messy eating sessions

Saturday, October 17, 2009


We have been hit with the cold bug in our house this past week. Eli had a cold so we knew it was just a matter of time until Tanner and I got it. Playing in the hay jump started Tanner's cold and since that night, he has had a fever, bad cough, major running nose, and ear infection. He also hasn't wanted to eat any solids so we try to give him a bottle of formula on top of nursing and I wake up to nurse him in the middle of the night as well. And with me being sick with a fever and cold, I'm ready for us both to get better so that I can get more sleep and so that we can get out of the house without being scared of spreading our germs.

This picture just shows how Tan has felt for the past week. It is SO unlike him to just lay on the floor in the middle of playing - I've never seen him do this since he has been able to roll over. It breaks my heart! One good thing about the sickness is that he has become more cuddly. He will just hug Eli and I randomly and cuddle with us for a long time. He's so darling He has also started saying "mama" when he wants me or wants something from me! Now THAT is the cutest thing EVER!!!

10 months

Happy 10 month birthday, my little munchkie! Here are 10 little things about Tanner at this stage right now:

1. He loves rocks, dirt, and sticks. He could care less about grass and the cool leaves all over the ground. He has definitely eaten the occasional handful of dirt and didn't mind at all.
2. For playtime, he likes pulling things out of draws and off shelves. Balls will keep him occupied for hours - a bouncy ball, a soccer ball, a squishy ball, a football, a beachball, etc. He likes to play chase where I hide nearby, poke my head out, and chase him. He likes to play peek-a-boo. He loves bathtime and is a happy camper if he gets 2 baths a day. He likes Baby Einstein when I let him watch it a couple times a week.
3. He says "dada" and "mama" and he knows what they mean. He knows the baby signs for more (he can sign this himself), milk, eat, book and drink. He also babbles and talks a lot and tries to imitate us when we say things like "dog" and "bark." And he does the funniest things with his lips. I really can't describe it - it's just so cute!
4. He LOVES animals, especially dogs. One of his favorite books is called "Busy Doggies" which he chewed the corners off of while sitting in his carseat (Aly and I were wondering why he was being so quiet!). Speaking of books, he will read and flip through books all day. He points to things in books and just all day actually.
5. He loves to dance, alone and with us as we hold him. And he is curious, curious, curious.
6. He loves to be thrown in the air, spun around, and dipped. He likes to play "rough" and be flipped around. He likes to be tickled but he has to be in the mood.
7. He is in a phase where he doesn't want to eat any fruits or veggies and he cries like it's the end of the world when I try to give him some. He will eat yogurt puffs, cheerios, goldfish, cheese (and lots of it), and eggs. Sometimes I can get him to eat other things but those are the things he'll eat no matter what.
8. He is still crawling quite speedily and doesn't have much interest in walking. He gets mad everytime we try to get him to walk on his own. But he will try his walker for a minute and let us hold his hands as he walks. And he is still standing all over the place.
9. He is feisty and independent. He doesn't like his hands or face touched. When we do something that frustrates him he hollers and he waves his hands back and forth on the ground or in the air and whacks anything in their path. I don't watch him eat anymore because he just whacks his food around and hollers if I do. One example of his feistiness is that he wants to be heard when something is bothering him. Sometimes I will be holding him while he has his binky in and he gets upset about something, grabs his binky, throws it on the ground, and screams. It makes me laugh because he tries anything to exert his independence.
10. He is becoming more cuddly. He doesn't have a favorite blanket, though I have tried to give him many options. But he does have a favorite stuffed animal - a dog that wears a small University of Utah t-shirt. He cuddles with that dog everytime he sleeps. And he likes to cuddle with us as well sometimes. When Eli was in Virginia, I couldn't get Tanner to fall asleep after he woke up not feeling well in the middle of the night. I put him in bed with me and he immediately cuddled into me and got quiet. Everytime I tried to roll away from him, he'd roll back and put his head on my shoulder and his arm over my chest. Is that precious, or what?!

There's a glimpse of our 10 month old Tanner Joseph!

The famous Tanner Scowl.

Reaching for the rocks I'm bringing to him.

Here he is reaching for Aly as she pulled into our driveway for Sunday dinner.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Country Farm Fest

While Eli was in Virginia for a med school interview, Aly and I headed a mile away to the Country Farm Fest in Payson. I thought that Tan would love seeing the animals but all he wanted to do is crawl in the dirt and throw dirt clods and rocks. He is ALL boy. I have to thank my Aunt Cathy and her cute daughters for Tanner's outfit which was just perfect for the occasion.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

A package came for me!

Thanks for the Halloween package grandma!

My favorite part was tearing apart all the tissue paper.

I liked searching through the box to see what else I could pull out and throw on the floor.

Oooooh! This is perfect for all my drool!

I really like the new book. I already know how to push the button in the corner to make the kids giggle.

And you know how much I love fishies! I've already eaten half the bag!

I'm sorry grandma, but I did not like the hat.

See, I told you.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! Oh and can you please tell mommy to share some of her candy???