Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Tummy update! It's been a while (I think over 6 weeks since I've posted "official" tummy pics).

When Eli saw me after school he said, "Wow! You're stomach looks just like you put a ball under your shirt. I've never seen it look like that!" Here are some updated pics of my "basketball baby" tummy. I'm currently 32 1/2 weeks along - 52 more days till D-Day! (P.S. I found a sub for my maternity leave. Yay! AND she is able to plan lessons instead of me having to have all the lessons ready for 6 weeks. DOUBLE YAY!!!)

Can you guess what day it was at school today??? Crazy hair day! What better day to take preggo pictures?!
Still working on a name for Baby M....

Monday, October 13, 2008

False labor and Apostle

Today I had my first observation by my principal. It went well! Our discussion about it went 5 minutes over recess and my students were waiting outside for me that whole time. As I go running through the faculty room and into the hallway to pick them up, I see my students scattered around a few hallways. I asked what they are doing and their response: "We thought you went into labor!!!" They were looking all over for me and even notified the teacher next door that they thought I went into labor. I had to apologize for scaring them. Thank goodness I didn't go into labor! I still have 60 more days to go (holy cow)!

They probably think I should go into labor since they see this everyday! (That black thing around my neck is a microphone for my classroom sound system.)

Speaking of my students, a few of my girls are throwing me a baby shower. How cute is that?! They got their parents involved and passed out invitations today. The idea was actually brought up by a boy in my class but then dropped for a while since we all thought it was hilarious that a boy thought of doing a baby shower. Now all the boys are anti-shower. But they want their moms to come. The girls are doing the food and all the games. It'll be so fun! I remember throwing a baby shower for my PE teacher in 5th grade. I thought it was the coolest thing!

And my last awesome moment of the day . . . I met President Uchtdorf! (He is a leader in our church.) And of all places, we were at the same barn in Santaquin, UT (a small farming town 25 miles south of Provo) buying apples and picking pumpkins. I guess he heads down there a few times during the fall to buy boxes of produce. He created quite a stir in the apple barn amongst all my staff members (we were at a staff party). He has a very regal appearance in person and was just so nice!

Friday, October 3, 2008

The Many Expressions of Grandma Casto

We love grandma Casto (Eli's dad's mom), and these photos from cousin Luis's wedding weekend are treasures! She is so cute!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Peaches, peaches, peaches!

One reason we love living in Payson: an entire box of peaches costs $5. What a super sweet deal! We have shared with family, classmates, and coworkers. Sharing is so much easier when it doesn't cost very much!

P.S. Baby Morey has a new favorite spot for his foot: in my ribs. We are down to 10 more weeks and still searching for a name!

P.S.S. I am wearing my first actual maternity outfit today - pants with the stretchy waistband and larger than normal shirt. And I am loving it.