Sunday, December 13, 2009

Toddler Book Suggestions

I need help, again. By the way, thanks SO much for all of the advice you gave about eating and toys. It was super helpful! This time I need to know what informational toddler book is good to get. I have used the What To Expect books for pregnancy and Tanner's first year, but the toddler version didn't have very good ratings when I just looked. Are there any good books you'd suggest?

I've seen two on Amazon that look good to me so far:

1. Toddler 411
2. Gentle Ways to Encourage Good Behavior Without Whining,Tantrums, & Tears by Elizabeth Pantley

Also, do you have any suggestions for Toddler activity books? Like a book full of ideas of activities for toddlers.

You're ideas are very much appreciated!! THANK YOU!!!