Thursday, July 12, 2007

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Summer update!

We haven't been motivated to keep our blog up to date until today when Kelly and Jeff Evers showed us theirs and a few of their friends' blogs. What a fun way to keep in touch with what is going on in each other's lives. I've noticed that most blogs start after someone has a baby, and seeing as we don't yet, we'll see how long this lasts for us. Here's an update of our summer so far: (We'll add pictures too) We're living in Centennial, Colorado, in the basement of my parent's house. What a great way to save money for med school! It's so fun being with my family all the time (and having dinner made for us every night!). Eli took the MCAT in the middle of May and received a score that he's happy with. Hooray! What a relief for us! Now for the application process. . . We went on an awesome family trip to Lake Powell. That was the last time all of us will be together before Andy goes to Iraq. Lake Powell still remains my most favorite place in the world! And Eli is now an avid skiier after getting up on two skiis in a full body wetsuit (it was pretty chilly at the end of May). My new favorite quote of his is, "When we get a boat..." YAY!! That's my dream! Since Lake Powell, we have both been working a lot. I am nannying for 2 fun boys: Ethan-6 and Andrew-4. They are balls of energy and I LOVE being with them! This job ended up being perfect for us as it allows Eli to drop me off at work and then pick me up at the end of the day since I work for so long. I drive a minivan owned by the family I worked for - it's "the boy's van." I'm not one to sit around the house with them and watch tv: We go to the pool, play tennis, go to the zoo and museum, etc, etc, etc. We always have fun adventures! Eli has an internship at the National Jewish Medical Center in Denver (most recently in the news from the guy with Tuberculosis) sedating and injecting lab mice. He'll have to explain his research some time. He loves it and it's giving him good research experience and he finally understands why I love boating so much. rience for medical school. Other than that, Eli teaches the 13 and 14 year old Sunday School class at church and I spend even more time with kids as a CTR 6 teacher in primary. We both love teaching and being back in my family ward! Of course we do lots of fun things on the weeknights and during the weekends. We're both always up for a good adventure and fun time! We both love being back in Colorado...this is the best place!

On our way to see Ragtime at the Boulder Dinner Theater

Airforce Academy Chapel - We went to Colorado Springs with our brother-in-law, Christian to show him around. This is the day before our year anniversary so it was fun to visit a cool chapel!

Garden of the Gods

One year baby! Hooray!