Saturday, May 23, 2009

Fun times with grandma and mom...

Hello from Payson! Here's what we've been up to:

Playing with the "bark bark" next door

And the kitty named Kitty
Exploring the canyon next to Payson. It is BEAUTIFUL. Everyone should take a drive through the Nebo Scenic Loop.

Watching the rushing river through the canyon. Tanner LOVED it (that's an understatement - he was kicking his legs super fast!)

Playing with Raggedy Andy. My great grandma made this for me and I've kept it for my own kids. He loves to talk to Andy!

Makin' faces and chillin together. Oh and rolling ALL over the floor!

Visiting Jesus

and the Salt Lake temple with so many gorgeous flowers!
Playing with Grandpa Lenny

Soon we'll be updating from Baltimore!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Happy Armed Forces Day!

My class and Paige's class learned and performed this song for Andy. So cute!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My turn!

Hi! It's me, Tanman. Mommy's busy wrapping up the school year, so it's my turn to post on mommy and daddy's blog. Life is great and busy as always! For mommy's spring break, I went on my very first airplane ride to Denver to visit Grandma and Grandpa Archer. I love playing with them! It was even more fun playing because I started reaching and grabbing for things right before we left. I never knew how fun it was to grab things and chew on them! We visited mommy's friends, went to the aquarium, and watched it snow a foot. I even rolled from my back to my stomach all by myself during church. Mommy was so proud!

A few days after that, daddy loaded up Momo and drove all the way across the U.S.A. to Baltimore. Mommy says that he is loving his internship at Johns Hopkins and is setting up our apartment for the summer. I miss him - he is my best buddy. 5 weeks is a long time to be apart. Mommy keeps telling me the exact number of days until I get to see him again! 19 more days!

Then Aunt Kristie had her big day when she gradumacated from the BYU. Yay Kristie! I gave her lots of congratulatory pats. I met my uncle Doug, aunt Dana, and cousin Wesley for the first time. Wesley is only 2 weeks older than me and I was so loving having another baby around! I didn't grab or pat his cheeks too hard. He may have cried a couple times, but I always said sorry. We spent time with mommy's cousins and up in Midway. I love Midway. Grandpa took me outside to see a horse and snakes. I'm learning to love animals!

Everybody left Utah and Grandma stayed with me. We play everyday together. She even took me to a place with lots and lots of tulips. I loved all the pretty colors. Grandma is THEE BEST for taking care of me while daddy is gone. I'll miss her.

Last Saturday, I went to the zoo where I saw monkeys and snakes and giraffes and tigers. What a neat place! Mommy even got a free ice cream and massage because it was a mother's day celebration. Grandma also takes me exploring the area around my house. We found a couple lakes with duckies, a river right next to my house, and a dog next door that makes me jump when he barks.

A couple weeks ago I stopped talking and blew raspberries and bubbles instead. Now I'm back to talking. My favorite words are "errrr," "arrrrr," and "rarrrrrr." I even said "dad" this morning! Mommy was so excited and I'm not sure why - I was just playing with my tongue! We have lots of chats, especially when I'm eating. Grandma thinks I'm a good singer, too!

I love to laugh and giggle, especially when mommy goes "oooooh" and "oh" with her mouth. It's silly! I like when she throws clothes on me and takes them back. I also like when my toes tickle my cheek. It feels so funny!

And guess what? I went to the doctor twice in one week! One time I was weighed and measured and then given two shots. I didn't even cry! Mommy was amazed because the doctor said that I was in the 93rd percentile for height. Whatever that means! All I know is that I'm definitely not as chunky as I used to be. The second time I went to the doctor was to get my lungs checked. Turns out I have bronchiolitis. Um, yeah, big word. It means that I cough A LOT and get fevers and don't want to play. But mommy and grandma are taking good care of me so that I can get all better by the time I go to Balitmore and see daddy.

Well, that's it for now! Here are a bunch of pictures from the last few weeks. Mommy takes so many pictures of me!

Chewing on anything and everything

Mommy wishes she could live under the sea

Ashley the cat was more scared of me than I was of her! He he he!
OOOOOH, fishies!

Why can't I touch you daddy?
How cool are hands?! I get to grab all these cool things with them, shake things around, and then drop them. SO fun.
Mommy works at a place called Spring Lake Elementary. Grandma took me to find the actual lake. I'm kinda bummed that I couldn't splish splash in the water. But the duckies were sure fun to look at!

Mommy and I are in Da Hood

Mommy and Grandma took me to this place with lots and lots of animals. My favorite were the monkeys - they moved so fast!

It was Mommy and Me day at the Zoo. I guess mommy liked that because she got free ice cream and a free massage.

My lion at home doesn't open his mouth this wide! I guess this is the famous water fountain at the zoo. Mommy said that it was even there when she was a little girl!

Mommy's students ran in a track meet with lots of other kids. All I know is that it was very sunny and mommy kept giving me hugs and kisses when I went to visit her there.

Guess what? I got TWO shots and I barely cried at all!!

Did you know that I am in the 93rd percentile for height?! Yep, mommy and daddy are amazed at how tall I am!

I can't wait to ride my very own bike!

Aunt Kristie wore this cool blue robe and kept wanting to take pictures with me. I guess she did something really big because everyone was proud of her.

Grandma took me to see flowers - there were A TON. I wanted to grab them all!

Everyone kept laughing at my ear, but I couldn't see what they were all laughing about!

I like to smile. Smiling's my favorite (unless I'm sick, then I refuse)

Will my head ever fit into a big person hat???

Uncle Doug made me laugh. He reminded me of my daddy!

My cousin and I played together for a week. Lots of pats, biting, and grabbing each other!

Mom, I'm not sure I should be wearing this yet!

WOAH - another baby, just like me!!! I never knew that playing with my cousin, Wesley, could be so much fun!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Rollin' with my homey Wesley!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Free KFC Meal - print TODAY (May 6) and use within 2 weeks

Hey friends! My friend, Kelly Evers (thanks Kel!), emailed me today to tell me about this thing Oprah is doing with Kentucky Fried Chicken. Oprah is giving away a free meal to everyone who prints out a coupon from this website: There is a new grilled chicken that is healthier so she is trying to promote it or something. Every person must have a coupon and you can print up to four per family. But you HAVE to print it TODAY, May 6!!! You can use it for the next couple weeks though. Yummy! It looks good!

P.S. If it says that the coupon has been printed the allotted number of times, just close that window and reopen a new window with the website and try again. That happened to me and I was finally able to print the coupon a couple times.