Monday, April 13, 2009

Love it!

Things have been majorly busy around the Morey household! Eli is working on finishing up his grad project as well as finishing up the semester. I am getting ready for testing at school. And Tanner is learning new things every day and keeps us both happy and occupied! Tan and I are flying to Denver for Spring Break with my parents. YAY! (sigh of relief) I had to get some pictures up from the past few weeks before I go because I'll never do it when I get back. We've had lots of fun around here! I'll start from the most recent. Take a peek:

Happy Easter! I bought Tanner a darling Easter outfit on Saturday night and it didn't fit him. That's what I get for procrastinating until the last minute! So he wore this outfit I got him a few weeks ago. He still looks DARLING!

He finally discovered that he has hands and that they can grab things he is looking at. He LOVES this ball that lights and and plays music. It is quite the motivator during tummy time.I had the brilliant idea to make a double layer cake with pudding in the middle. Well, it ended up being not so brilliant. As you can see, the pudding flowed out (I should have leveled off the bottom layer - I was too impatient for that) and the cake fell apart so I tried to piece it together with the frosting. Tanner apparently thought it was a joke as well! But it sure tasted delish.

Some of our dearest family friends, the Moore's, gave Tanner Nike clothes and he looks like such a stud in them. Just looking at him makes me want to go work out!

We spent General Conference weekend in Midway. We have mucho love for Midway. Tan especially loved watching the big screen while lounging in his Bumbo.

Between sessions we took a walk because it was a glorious day outside!
We so wanted to load this in our car and take it home. Nobody would've noticed, right??
On our walk, we found an abandoned shack with stuff from way back in the 1950's. It was a PIGSTY. We tried to wake Tan up by giving him a little oil from this rusty oil tin.
Next to the abandoned shack was a field with abandoned cars. This was my favorite. I especially like how Tanner woke up for this shot and he's giving the pirate look - one eye!
Cute picture of Kristie and Laura I love my Tanman!
So does Eli!
Look at that face!
Tanner meets Sundance

Before heading up to Midway, my school had an assembly where the students dyed the teachers hair. Each class met their reading goals for the month so we had a whole school assembly. It was SUPER fun! Oh man, probably one of my favorite days of the year. We were even on the news! I also had a class pizza party and dance party, both earned by my students for behavior and reading.

Tanner loved the assembly. The deafening cheering lulled him to sleep...
The most awesome staff ever!
I love Deb! She teaches 4th grade with me as well.
And I love Paige!
My class is crazy, and not just on crazy hair day. But I love them!So one of Tanner's favorite favorite favorite things to do is stand. If I make him sit once he's been standing, he starts to fuss. He LOVES it.

He looks super chunky in this picture. He's chunky, but not that chunky normally. He's such a doll face! I want to eat those cheeks!
I took him the to the color festival at the local Indian temple. We were late for the color fight and thank goodness for that! There were THOUSANDS of college students there and he would have freaked out. He slept the whole time we were there while we danced and looked at all the cool colored people.

Oh I feel like I ended so abruptly! If you want more pictures, there's a slideshow here of pics from the last 2 months:

Happy Spring!!!