Friday, September 2, 2011

"A fair is a veritable smorgasbord orgasbord orgasbord"

Oh Templeton the rat, thank you for your fair song in Charlotte's Web because it will forever pop in my head when I hear the word "fair!"

The Champlain Valley Fair comes to Vermont the week before labor day. We drive by the fairgrounds many times a week and Tan always talks about seeing the "piggies" run at the fair. I loaded the kids in the jogging stroller, threw on my running clothes, and ran the 1.5 miles to the fair. Instead of paying $10 for admission, I took advantage of the lunch deal and went between 12-2 for free. Sweet!

We cheered on the cute little racing pigs (my favorite part of the fair!)

Tan got to drive a firetruck all by himself. He is WAY into firetrucks and firemen right now so he was in HEAVEN!

(Having fun is serious business for the Tanman.)

We saw lots of cute little animals in the Old MacDonald barn.
I always feel so overwhelmed trying to make a decision about
what to eat at the fair. If I'm going to spend money, it needs to be worth it! Well, I went cheap and got something for Tan and I to share instead of buying both of us something a
nd doubling the cost. We had fried dough nuggets. Very fairish. I really wanted the onion rings but my super picky 2 year old would never eat those!
Kenz enjoyed the fair while loungin' in the stroller. She got really excited when she saw the animals, especially the ones that moved a lot!
Isn't she just darling! I adore my little kenzie koo!

We also saw a juggling family, which Tan somehow remembered from last year without me reminding him. And on my run back home, I popped into a store and found a way cute vase to go on our new kitchen table for $1. Love deals like that!

We'll see ya next year, fair! Tanner will be talking about you everytime we drive by the fairgrounds until you come back again!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Summer lovin', had me a BLA-AST!

I've been a total blogging slacker this summer. BUT, I have an explanation for it: Eli was out of school for 2 whole months and we played, played, played. Seriously, we had a B.L.A.S.T! But now . . .

The sun has set on our summer of fun with Eli.
(Isn't Lake Champlain gorgeous?! It's only a few miles from our house!)

We have all kinds of memories stored in our brains to pull out when the winter is dark and cold, and Eli is busy studying crazy hours. (Don't get me wrong, I love the winter. But this summer has just been so wonderful and perfect!)

Memories of adventures around Vermont . . .

. . . and Colorado.

And doing lots of summery things like eating incredibly drippy ice cream cones (called creemees in Vermont).

And growing up so much.

And lots of lovin' each other!
(Kenz doesn't look too happy about this hug. She's learned to brace herself when Tan gives her hugs. He tends to squeeze and pat a little too hard.)

Now the future doctor Morey is back in school and plugging away on his road to MD.
(OK, so this isn't Eli, but isn't Tan so darn cute in these scrubs that are oh-so-giant for him?!)

And now that the summer is over, I have the mega task of sorting through our massive amount of summer pictures and somehow journaling and finding a way to show them online to our families and friends. I'm excited!!!! Wish me luck!

P.S. I should probably update my blog sidebar to include our daughter! Ha ha ha!