Sunday, November 23, 2008

Home stretch!

We're on the homestretch with less than 3 weeks until my due date! Baby Morey is on his way and who knows when he'll decide to make his debut. Maybe he'll end up being a procrastinator like his mom and wait until the very last minute! All I can say is that we're so excited!!! Once I get my sub plans done, I'll feel ready. So until then, I'm workin' hard to get ready for my maternity leave. Thank goodness for Thanksgiving Break!

I'm grateful for my wonderful husband who writes such wonderful things about me. I'm really not as good as he says I am. I'm the luckiest wife to have him! Anyways, here are the preggo pictures of me at 37 weeks...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ode to Superwoman (aka Wife)

My wife is the most awesome girl ever.

She is happy, beautiful, considerate, humble, persevering, and deserving of everything I have to give. In case you haven’t been married to a pregnant person, you give a whole lot. But (and this is a very big but), what you give is nothing compared to what she gives.

Oh yeah, I give a lot. I make arepas once a week to feed the baby. I do the laundry and the dishes. I vacuum the rugs. I help Sara put on her socks. I even start the Momo for her some mornings.

But all my big “domestic doings” just pale in comparison with tribulations of the pregnant one.

For instance, I can't imagine ever feeling constantly bloated, but she can. I don't fathom what its like to have another human inside of you, but she fathoms. I don't think I could face the impending experience of labor without being morbidly sick each day I woke up one day closer to THAT day, but she does.

Instead, I wake up in the morning wondering...

What does it feel like to be kicked all night when you’re trying to sleep?
How do you patiently spend every waking moment in the bathroom or the kitchen?
How do you smile when you feel like tossing your cookies?
What does it feel like to get no joy out of eating, because you’ve “already eaten that today”?
How does your back stay intact with the lump of joy on the front?
And all while you’re teaching 40 hours a week?
How is a person still alive?

No… I don't know what its like to be a superhero, but she does.

Yes, she has been the superhuman of the family for the last 243 days and counting.

You are my hero, and I love you Sara!

A day in the life...

I love spending my day with kids! And I'm really enjoying the age of my 4th graders. They aren't too young anymore to joke around but they aren't snotty yet. And they keep me entertained with some of the things they come up with! They are also good for your self esteem with "Best Teacher in the world" notes everyday and little whiteboard messages that say, "You are good at math," and bad for your self-esteem with comments like "You are getting HUGE Mrs. Morey!" It's fun to watch them learn and it's a challenge to find ways to challenge them. Here's a glimpse into my life as a teacher...

This one keeps me on my toes, DAILY. He's so fun though!

He "desperately" wants to be in the army. When Andy came to talk to the class last week, he literally freaked out and asked for his autograph. (Which then led the rest of the class to ask for his autograph! Andy was a celebrity!)

Never mix up Power Rangers and Star Wars. When I asked if he was a Power Ranger, he said, "You need to get with the whole Star Wars thing Mrs. Morey."

He started out the day as a 50's kid and ended the day looking like this. Peer pressure maybe??

These girls didn't plan on being devils together, it just happened. And they were pretty much the only devils in the whole school. So random!

She was SO excited about her county report and the video she made for it. I love this girl - her smile is contagious!

Read the P.S. Sometimes I wonder if my students are paying attention to the REAL subject that we are learning about!

These persuasive pumpkins were hilarious! (The students had to persuade me not to pick them from the pumpkin patch to carve into a jack-o-lantern. Don't mind the spelling errors - we're working on it.)

They LOVE little crafts like this. Kristie, Aly, and my mom taught the students how to make these. But I'm pretty sure that they were more excited to meet my sisters and have my mom tell them stories all day then to make these.

Friday, November 14, 2008

My hero

I love this handsome and incredible man! He is the ultimate husband for a pregnant wife and first year teacher. On Monday I came home to a clean house.

On Tuesday he came to my school to help with a project in the computer lab. (I was having major Braxton Hicks contractions and could barely stand or sit. That makes teaching pretty difficult. Eli came to the rescue during my most stressful part of the day when I was helping my students complete their movies they have been making on the computer about their counties. Thanks Eli! Those kids love you!)

Yesterday I came home to a clean kitchen and a mattress in the crib (Baby M finally has somewhere to sleep - whew!).

Today I'm coming home to a newly painted living room.

He always finds ways to take the burden off me and make life more enjoyable. He is my tender mercy and I just adore and appreciate him more than he knows!