Friday, April 25, 2008

Denver Temple Time Lapse

Eli made this awesome time lapse of the Denver temple yesterday with our camera. He sat in the grass across the street for 2 hours to get 180 photos.

He also took this amazing picture of the temple. Feel free to download it if you like it! I think it's incredible.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

You are My Lucky Star

Last weekend we went back to my high school for the Spring Musical "Beauty and the Beast." My memory and emotions were thrown back 5 years to the last time I was in that theater for a musical...when I was Kathy Seldon in "Singin' in the Rain." People kept saying, "I bet this brings back good memories for you!" And it certainly did!

Practicing my lines with any family member that would humor me. Late night rehearsals. Living on Gardetto's and Snap peas. Finding my own costumes with my costume manager - my mom. Practice, practice, practice. Making umbrella name tags for all the girls in the cast. Tapping outside in the rain. Kissing on stage - a lot (probably too much). Hanging out with Joey Majestic, Andrew Fischer, and Chris Sutton. My mom and sometimes sisters dropping in at every rehearsal, often with dinner since I forgot to bring something. Throwing a pie in Kristine Timboe's face (that took practice). Jumping out of a giant cake. Tap dancing! 8 minute abs twice a day so that I could wear the little pink dance outfit (glad that was a quick scene!). Worrying about missing a week of rehearsals due to a giant snowstorm. A cheering section in the audience every night of friends and family. Laughing and joking with Parm (my awesome choir teacher). Being asked to prom by Joey Majestic and singing a song to say "yes" in front of the whole cast. Spending time with talented and fun people. Greeting people after the play each night. The miracle of my voice staying strong for rehearsals and performances. The amazing support from my family members, especially my mom (she often made treats for the whole cast - once she made cupcakes with little umbrellas and raindrops - she's so cute!).

What an incredible experience! I have always dreamed of being a Broadway star. There are times when teaching gets tough and I throw up my arms and say, "Why didn't I just go into musical theater!" It's fun to think back on this experience - I'm so glad I had it!

"a beautiful cake, full of wonderful surprises."
"good mornin', good mornin'!"
"all i do is dream of you the whole night through..."
"you are my lucky star. I saw you from afar. two lovely eyes at me they were beaming, gleaming. i was starstruck!"
"here's one thing I've learned from the movies..."finale

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Picture Crazy

Spring is here! Well for a couple days. It snowed last week and it's supposed to snow again tomorrow. Blah. At least I got to wear shorts to work for two days. SNOW SNOW GO AWAY!!!

We haven't blogged in a while and life has been super busy, so here's an update in pics.

We spent a day in Colorado City and Manitou Springs near Colorado Springs. Both cute old-fashioned cities. Manitou Springs had some weird people...good place for a day trip.

I don't know about you, but I'm a chocolaholic and these do not look appetizing...

Our friends TJ and Deb and cute little Sophie stopped by on Easter on their way back to Nebraska to say a quick hello and eat some delish paninis. TJ & Eli are old mission buddies and BYU roommates. We love them!

We spent a weekend in Winter Park (and it was definitely still winter up there) with some family friends. We had a blast! I love mountain weekends - fun games, lots of yummy food, time to sleep, fun conversations. We also had the added pleasure of watching general conference (amazing!) and being entertained by the two dogs.

I enlisted all the girls to help me color for kindergarten class. Thanks thanks thanks!

Eli is having a ball with the camera. We are having a ball in Colorado!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Youth Conference

You are looking at our ward's Youth Conference chairs! Actually, the conference is for 3 wards so a little bigger than a ward youth conference. Does anybody have fun ideas from their youth conference days? Things you did, games, themes, etc, that you liked??? Also things you didn't like so much would be helpful. We'd love any and all advice!!!! Feel free to post a comment...