Monday, December 17, 2012

The big 4!

Happy 4th birthday Tanner bo Banner!!!   Eli and I adore this little guy.  He has such a fun personality!  We love his spunkiness, creativity, energy, and tender heart.  I love his face in the first pic!  I know it's blurry, but it just captures Tanner so well!

Tan had such a fun birthday!  One of my favorite moments was when his classmates were singing to him at school (I switched with another parent so that I could be the parent helper on Tan's birthday), they sang "happy birthday" as cats and dogs.  He wanted so badly to laugh out loud but his shyness was battling with his urge to join in and be silly with the kids.  So he hung on my arm, stroked my hair, and kept making so many different facial expressions as his mental dilemma took place!  Here's a little more about his day:  He shared chocolate donuts with sprinkles with his classmates and loved all the birthday wishes all day.  We napped together and I loved the snuggle time with him!  He chose his special birthday dinner:  chicken nuggets, hot dogs, breadsticks with sauce (toast with garlic salt dipped in marina sauce), kiwi, peppers and ranch.  I think he ate the least out of all of us, but I guess that's normal.  (He hasn't been feeling well recently so his eating drastically decreases during that time.)  He helped make his cake, dyed it blue, covered it in blue sprinkles right out of the oven, and then cut it up and served it to Eli, Kenzie, and I on his own.  He tried to take an entire half for himself, but Eli coaxed him into sharing more equally with the rest of us!  He really enjoyed playing with some of his new toys:  Legos, a big airplane with removable pilots, a sit and spin, and a bike with training wheels!  He never tired of hearing people sing "Happy Birthday" to him all day long!  We watched videos of when he was a brand new baby and he kept saying "that baby is crying," etc, and never really grasped the concept that it was him as a baby.  He will always be my special Christmas baby.  It was so neat to celebrate the birth of the Savior into the world and be able to snuggle my own swaddled brand-new baby boy.  I felt very close to Mary during that Christmas season.  

Today I interviewed him and wil
l make this a tradition every year with the same questions.      

We are so grateful for our wonderful little boy!!