Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ben & Jerry's!

We coaxed Eli away from his studying (he takes a huge board exam next Friday and has been studying like a maniac for the past month!) and headed to Church Street. We love Church street at night because there are lights on the trees and our favorite ice cream place is there - Ben and Jerry's! There actually aren't many ice cream places here because Ben & Jerry's and Hood (soft serve ice cream called "creemees" sold all over the state during the summer) have a monopoly on ice cream in Vermont. But we love Ben & Jerry's! Tan thinks any ice cream we give him at home is from Ben & Jerry's. For now, he doesn't have high taste standards, but someday he'll know the difference between Ben & Jerry's and other ice creams!
Kenzie's first time tasting ice cream - I think she is hooked!

Check out her face - "mmmmm, that was goooood! I want samoreathat!"

She looks so grown up in her super cute coat and flared jeans!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Love Hunt

For FHE this week, we went on a love hunt. We sang "Jesus Said Love Everyone" and talked about pictures in the Gospel Art book that show what some people in there love (ie. Joseph Smith loves the scriptures, Mary loves baby Jesus, etc. - simple things that Tan could understand). Then we went on a love hunt around the house. Each person took a turn taking a picture of something they love and it couldn't be the same as someone else. Tan took his own pictures, which is why they aren't framed very well. I think it's cute and he was so proud of himself! These are iPhone photos which is why the quality isn't that great.

This was actually at the end of the hunt, but Eli and I both LOVE our little fam!



His favorite cereal


My kids
My bright and happy table centerpiece

Video chatting on the computer with family

Kenzie LOVES:



His train set
His music player
His flashlight
His favorite bear, Cameron

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Past Couple Weeks

For your enjoyment, a hodge podge of photos taken mostly by my cell phone or Eli's cell phone, and a couple from the mac, over the past couple weeks!

This is RARE! Especially in the middle of the day! They were wiped out from a morning of running errands.

Playing in the foam pit at the open gym. Kenz has this really funny raspy laugh she does when she is playing and she kept doing it here. I think she loved it!

My errand buddy while Tan was at preschool. She loves to put up her feet and lounge while I push her around in the shopping cart.

My birthday date (a few days late) with the kids. I had a free entree at IHOP and Tan got this ginormous pancake and ATE THE WHOLE THING!!!! Sometimes it is like pulling teeth to get him to eat, but I didn't have to tell him to eat more, AND he ate 2 pieces of bacon on top of this. When we got to the car I heard from the back seat, "mommy, I'm still hungry." WHAT???!!! Way to go Tanman!

I made this little red bolero for Kenz and she looks darling in it!

Kenz hangs out around the house in leggings and a onesie and I think it's just the cutest thing ever.

Tan's very homemade looking, made from daddy's old shirt, super Tanner cape

Tan let me throw him really high into the foam pit at the gym and earned his very own Ben and Jerry's ice cream cup. He ate every last bite!

The king sitting in his throne at an ENT appt (and I love how Kenz is headed for the cords in true baby fashion! ha ha!)

Tan goes to a gymnastics class every Tuesday. He has been 4 times and he still won't do any of the activities unless I do it with him. He can be really shy and that takes priority over his desire to participate. But once he is comfortable, he is VERY comfortable and acts like spunky, no inhibitions, Tanner!
I decided that it was time to update the picture frames around our house now that we have 2 kids. I actually haven't updated this frame for 5 years. Oops! This one is a work in progress.
This past Friday, I took the kiddos to Church Street (after our IHOP date), to see a light and music show. Tan was scared of the loud music and Kenz danced to it. But he liked the lights in the trees that are up year round! It was fun walking around in the crisp January night.
Remember on a previous post how I said that we are having a really wet winter? Here's the park area behind our house one day last week. And this wasn't even at its worst!
Cutest little sunbeam! Tan is the youngest primary kid. It melts my heart to see him participating with all the big kids!
"Look mommy - I'm like Makenzie!" (She often pulls her headband over her eyes and he thinks it's pretty funny.)
Our bush/tree I picked out for my birthday. Hopefully it grows taller and resembles a tree more than a bush!
My birthday lunch at Pizzeria Uno. Two of my favorite things - peanut butter cup dessert and pizza. Mmmmmmmm!

I finally decorated Makenzie's room. Yay! We've had almost all the stuff because I wanted a neutral gender nursery so Tan had all this decor as well. After switching rooms this summer, redecorating has just been low on my to do list. I like how bright and colorful the nursery is!
Cute Kenz roaming around at church
Tanner's family portrait - mommy holding Makenzie, daddy, Tanner

And Makenzie took her first steps today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to everyone for making my birthday so special last week! I loved all the phone calls, texts, cards, gifts, and skyping. Thanks to some of my friends, I was able to go on a morning run (in 20 degrees - whew!), go on a lunch date with Eli and pick out new running shoes, have dinner and yummy peanut butter pie made for me. I felt so spoiled! It was a fabulous day! My favorite gift was a wonderful letter Eli wrote me. It was exactly what I wanted that I didn't know I wanted!