Sunday, September 21, 2008

September Review

September so far has been a pretty busy and fun month! Here's a recap in pictures and brief narrative....

Now that we're back in Utah, we've seen a lot of extended family. Eli's cousin, Chris, left for his mission to Chile so we went to hear his farewell. He spoke in Spanish at his Spanish branch and, because I didn't have a translator, I fell asleep. SORRY CHRIS!!! If it makes him feel any better, I also fell asleep in church last week even after 9 hours of sleep. I blame the pregnancy.

Eli's aunt's house has a bunch of big sunflowers that were just so happy and welcoming!

We finally bought a kitchen table, so we don't have to sit on the floor with a tablecloth over an end table. Yay for that because it was getting quite uncomfy to sit on the floor. We also got our brand new couch (a sectional) but haven't taken a picture of it yet. We LOVE it!!!! We are slowly furnishing our apartment and have lots to get still!

We celebrated Eli's grandma Ilene's 81st birthday by eating together at the Sudbury (Eli's aunt) with a few other family members. She is a cute grandma!

I have been trying to wear my normal clothes with my growing belly. This shirt used to button all the way down....not so much anymore. But it still worked. Who knows if it looks "fashionable" or whatever! I am a workin' pregnant girl.

This is the view of the mountains from our house. My school backs right up to this mountain so we took a field trip a few weeks up into the mountain to collect insects.

Eli went "surfing" a couple weeks ago for a bachelor party at a place called FlowRider in Ogden. You get one hour of surfing for $30. He had a blast and wants to take Andy when he comes to Utah for Thanksgiving. (This isn't Eli - he took this picture of a guy that was in the group after them.)

We went berry picking at a berry patch in Mapleton. We LOVED it! The blackberries taste amazing. Now I want my own berry patch! And the owners happened to be distant relatives. So fun!

(Aly got a new haircut!)

Fresh berries + vanilla ice cream = HEAVEN

This past weekend, Eli's cousin, Luis, got married so Ari flew over for the wedding. They had a sleepover in Salt Lake the night before the wedding. (I had to stay in Payson to teach.)

Happy man! They had a fun reception with Latin dancing at the Willow Creek Country Club. Eli has 11 aunts and uncles on the Morey side so it was a pretty big reception. It was fun to see all that family! We have spent a lot of time with my extended family in the past so now we're making up for the lack of hanging out with Eli's family. And I love them all!

Eli and Ari at the wedding

We went to the Body Worlds exhibit yesterday in Salt Lake...AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!! It's incredible that we can actually see the make-up of the body. I loved seeing the embyos and fetuses that were displayed. It is such a miracle that a baby can grow from one cell into a human being. Way to go Baby Morey!

The rest of September has been spent doing teaching stuff for me and studying for Eli. Oh and trying to furnish and decorate our apartment, and get ready for a baby. We're steadily getting there!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I'm a hungry hungry hippo

You know you're pregnant if you have eaten a little bit of everything in the fridge and cupboard throughout the day and are still hungry at 10 pm. Not just hungry, starving! Now I still need to find something to eat...

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Whose body is this??!!

Time is ticking away in this pregnancy and it's about time I post some tummy pictures, which is growing quite large these days! The last time I posted was for my 16 week photo, which was 2 months ago, so I included a 20 week one as well. (Does the awkwardness of taking tummy pictures ever go away??)

20 weeks - day of ultrasound

20 weeks again - excited to see the baby boy on the big screen!
26 weeks and 2 days (no wonder my students tell me that I'm getting HUGE - I am!!)

Sometimes this is how I feel, especially after eating a big meal and I don't think there can be any more pressure forcing my stomach OUT. Oh and I am still holding out on buying maternity clothes. Yep, just doing the whole "don't button the top button or zip the skirt up all the way" trick. I still have 3 more months to enjoy stretchy maternity pants and big shirts. 3 months - AH!!!

Eli - 26 weeks (love the face)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I wouldn't recommend finding a teaching job 3 weeks before the school year starts, moving into a new apartment in a new city, finding all new furniture, and being almost 6 months pregnant. Thank goodness Eli is finally here!!!! Life is crazy and will be for quite a while! And for some reason the only thing I want to eat are waffles. Weird.

On a lighter note...

If you're ever around Provo Canyon for the Labor Day weekend, take a trip up to Midway for Swiss Days - cute little town festival with a parade, good food, booths selling the most darling home decor, and fun music. I love Midway. We bought a cute stitched and framed quote with a magnet board from Live Well Stitchery for the baby room. We also stopped at our own town's Onion Days carnival/fair. Fun as well but not as cute as the Midway festival.

Baby Morey is quite active these days! I love when he kicks in response to my touch in a certain area. He's developing a personality! And he can already kick and punch pretty hard. I am always amazed that a little person is growing inside my body!!!!!