Monday, September 27, 2010

Apple Picking at Shelburne Orchards


Macintosh - Sara's fav! SO white inside

Goofy Kid!

Excited Face!

Cider Donuts - probably one of the the best kind of donuts ever!

Fresh Apple Cider!

Hugging his friend, Ana

Hugging his friend, Jack - ha ha ha!

We love Vermont and doing Vermonty things like apple picking!

Our good friends and next door neighbors, the Larsens! We love them!

Enjoying the evening!

A gorgeous end to a fun day!

Tan Tan Tan Tan!

This post is all about the Tanman!! He is so stinkin' cute these days! I just adore him and love spending my days with him. His newest thing is counting to 14 all the time. He has the cutest little voice when he counts! He still loves balls and cars and "digging trucks" that we see everytime we drive anywhere. He loves his friends Jack, Ana, and Ethan and is starting to interact with them. He is super attached to me and won't let me be more than 5 feet from him in public. Eli has spent the past 6 weeks in nursery because Tan is having a major difficult time staying there alone. He loves to make faces for different emotions: happy, sad, excited, mad. He LOVES "sticko" and coloring. He loves playing outside and going for walks in the "fodist" (forest). He is also a high-energy, feisty kid! We have used the time-out consequence a lot recently. But he is also so sweet and gives random hugs when he feels so inclined. Eli and I still tell each other multiple times a day how cute he is and how much we love him! Here are some recent pics of the Tanman...

Posing for the camera!

Loves for daddy

Eating "crunchies" (soy nuts) with daddy

He splashed his milk and wasn't too happy about it getting all over him

When we laughed, he relaxed and thought it was pretty funny, too!

He loves to make all kinds of ramps for his cars

"Splashin" in puddles with his new Mickey Mouse rainjacket!

Handsome and ready for church!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture! I could just eat him up!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Love at Home

Back in May, Eli and I teamed up with Aly to sing the song "Love at Home" during our ward Mother's Day sacrament meeting. We made it even more of a family affair by having Eli's amazing pianist cousin, Nichole, accompany us. And since our blog is called the Musical Moreys, it's about time that we post a video of us singing! We have sung together in every single ward we've ever lived in, but we've never actually recorded us singing. I LOVE this song! It has beautiful harmonies and a gorgeous piano accompaniment. Also, it was so fun to sing with Aly! The three of us spent a lot of time together in the past couple years so it was nice to put our voices together before Eli and I were separated from Aly by many many miles. (Tear!)

This recording was taken BEFORE sacrament meeting so we weren't being irreverent or anything! Here are a few disclaimers before you watch:

1. I am like majorly distracted during the last 2/3 of the song. People kept coming in because sacrament meeting was going to start. But we wanted to get the whole song recorded so that we could show our moms for mothers day. So I am super distracted and not very presentable, but things were much better during the actual performance!
2. You can hear lots of background noise because people were coming into the chapel. Someday we'll get a good recording!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Holidays bring fun things!

Almost two years ago, Santa brought us this little bundle of joy ---

(Doncha just love Tan's face in this pic?! Oh, the expressions of newborns are so entertaining!)

Next year, a little green leprechaun is going to bring us another cute n' cuddly little person!


YAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!! We are super duper excited to keep growing our little family!!!

It's been pretty hard hiding this tummy! I can't believe I'm already the size I was with Tan at 5 months and I'm only 3 months along. Sheesh - people were right when they said you pop out much faster after the first pregnancy! If I keep growing at this rate, I'm going to tip over at 7 months!!

Favorite moments from this pregnancy so far (good and bad!):
  • Finding out that we were pregnant the morning after a super fun day at Disneyland!
  • My clothes getting tighter RIGHT AWAY. I'm gonna be needing those stretchy band pants much sooner than I thought!
  • Tanner saying "Hi Baby!" and kissing my belly all the time. And Tanner pointing to his own belly and saying that there is a baby in there. Ha ha ha!
  • Living in the bathroom and throwing up all day and night. You really notice when the toilet needs to be cleaned when you spend so much time with it!
  • My hero, Eli, taking over housework and taking care of Tanner while I was a good-for-nothing blob in the house.
  • Discovering that Unisom and B6 work miracles! I'm not kidding! Seriously, I took them both for the first time on a Saturday night and was able to sing a solo in church the next day (I was asked DURING relief society to sing a solo in Sacrament meeting a hour later! Yikes!) I was really weak and shaky after not being able to eat anything for days, but at least I was able to do a lot more than lay on the ground in misery! YAY for drugs!!! Now I take 2 Unisoms (sleeping pills) and 2 B6 vitamins a day - one set in the morning, one at night - and I pretty much feel normal. I still have nausea and weakness but I can function and that makes me happy! I just wish I could exercise. Every time I try, my body remembers that it is in a constant state of sickness and isn't happy with me.
  • Having lots of people offer me their prescription meds for nausea. I loved the thought but just couldn't bring myself to use their drugs illegally since I am married to a future doctor!
  • Packing and moving while being sick - quite the adventure but Eli's sister, Ari, totally helped A LOT!! Oh and being able to fly across the country instead of drive was a total blessing.
  • Crazy food aversions and cravings - I didn't get much of that (or nausea) with Tanner.
  • Daily naps during Tan's naptime (Due to the whole sleeping pill twice a day thing!). Oh and CRAZY CRAZY dreams from taking extra B6. And I can consciously make decisions in my dreams which is super cool!
  • Seeing the baby on the monitor with it's cute little, few centimeters long, profile. SO cute!
Bring on Baby #2!!!!!! Debuting sometime around March 8!!