Sunday, June 29, 2008

Where did that tummy come from?

So I have noticed as my stomach has been growing, but I'm the only one who has noticed - until recently! This past week my tummy just starting popping out. It's so fun to finally look pregnant! My mom noticed and she ran over to me while squealing, "MY BABY!!!" Then she started singing a children's song to Baby Morey. It was so cute! She's going to be the best grandma! Here are a few 16 weeks, or 4 month pictures. These picture sessions are awkward - I don't think I've ever had a picture taken of me just for the purpose of looking at my stomach! Baby Morey is growing and so am I!

Giant Sandbox

Last weekend Eli, Aly, and I went to the Great Sand Dunes in Southern Colorado for a quick weekend trip. What an awesome place! I can't believe I've lived in CO for so long and have never been there. We definitely recommend this as a weekend trip for anyone. The Dunes themselves are amazing, but our favorite part of the trip was playing in Medano Creek. It was probably only a foot deep at it's deepest places but it was still so fun! Perfect for playing frisbee in!

Baby Morey and I are ready to tackle the dunes. We climbed to the highest dune, and let me tell you, hiking in sand is no easy task. It is TIRING! The tallest dune is in the left of this picture at the very top.

Aly dragged the sled all the way to the top so that we could sled down the dunes on our way down. (If you are planning on sledding on sand dunes, use a saucer, not a long sled - long sleds don't work!)

As we started getting near the highest dune, the wind picked up. It was SO strong and the sand was blowing into us really hard. It literally felt like a thousand needles jabbing into your body. We only stayed at the top for a few minutes because it was painful and kind of a frightening experience with the wind being so strong!
The view from the top was INCREDIBLE!! You can see the wind blowing the sand off the dunes in this picture.

Don't be deceived - she's barely even moving!

View of the dunes from our campsite

Panaroma image of the Sand Dunes. WOW! (Click on it for a better image)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Duet becomes a Trio

We are expanding the Musical Morey's to include a little singer! We are having a BABY!!! This kid's vocal chords won't be used for anything much except screaming, laughing, and making cute noises for the first little bit of life, but we'll train those vocal chords to sing musical theater and opera like a master. Eli and I are ecstatic, nervous, elated, overwhelmed, etc, etc, etc... But most of all, we are so grateful that Heavenly Father has blessed us with the miracle of a growing baby inside my tummy (or uterus more like). Baby Morey is joining our family around December 12...Merry Christmas to us! Let the adventure begin!!

This is our Baby Blob at 9 weeks with a very quick heartbeat (I can't believe that we could actually see the baby when it was only 2 inches long! Hooray for modern technology.)Excuse the way we look in this video; it was taken at 6:30am the day we found out I was pregnant.

Excited future aunts (and excited future uncles and future GRANDPARENTS!)