Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Marchy March!

After Eli's week off, things got back to normal in our lives.  Eli started his 3rd year of medical school, which means that he began rotating through specialties.  His first specialty has been Pediatrics and he seems to really like it.  His second day into rotations, he turned the big 3-0!  I was going to throw a big surprise party bash for him, but I couldn't keep it a secret and he chose to go swing dancing instead.  I'm totally more of the party person anyways, but it was nice to not have to plan a big party for him and he be ok with that!  We went out to lunch at the Firebird Cafe as a fam.  The weather was nice so we ate outside, which the kiddos loved.  After dinner, we played outside in the 65 degree weather - it was gorgeous, especially for mid-March!   (Last year we were buried under 2 feet of snow on his birthday!)

The kids and I got back into our normal routine of preschool, storytime, playgroups, etc.

 These were leprechauns - can't you tell??!!  Ha ha ha!  We had a preschool day about Leprechauns so Jack stayed for a leprechaun lunch afterwards.

Just like everywhere in the country East of the Rocky Mountains, we had a heatwave for a week.  Of course, we took full advantage of it!!  I went running a few times, we played at the park A LOT, we went to the beach a couple times, and we took the ferry across the lake to go to Target.  It was fun watching Kenz explore the outdoors because it was like a whole new world to her!  She hasn't been outside much since learning how to crawl so she didn't really explore when she could just sit in one place.  She pointed at every animal and tree she saw, she wasn't sure about the feeling of grass on her barefeet (it was still crunchy and brown), and she was skeptical of sand until I gave her tools to dig and then she loved it.

  This is at Lake Iroquois Beach in Williston

Tan really wanted to touch the water and it was hard to explain to him why it was so icy cold still!

Getting to the lake was an adventure!  Because the temperature had warmed up so drastically and quickly, the road to the beach was extremely muddy.  I had to scope out each muddy spot (some lasting for probably 75 feet or so), and then get a head start so that I didn't risk getting stuck in the mud.  The first time through the muddy spots, my adrenaline was pumping near the end!  On the way home, I was scared and held onto the steering wheel with an iron grip as I navigated through the mud.  I didn't get stuck, thank goodness, but that was totally luck and not really because of skill.  Ha ha!  My friend, Erin, did get stuck and had to get towed out.  It was quite an adventure for us!

I grabbed some dinner at the City Market Coop, picked up Eli from the pediatric clinic, and we headed to North Beach. I locked the keys in the car when we got there, so Eli waited for Triple AAA to come while the kids and I walked the mile to the beach since the parking lot wasn't open for the season yet.  The beach was FILLED with partying high schoolers and college students, but there was no one on the beach in front of the playground, so we had our own little experience on the beach away from the partying.  It was lots of fun!  Kenz insisted on walking back the whole way while holding Eli's hand and so many teenagers commented on how incredibly cute she is.  We agree!!  She smiled and giggled every time people walked by her!  (Our cell phones didn't take very high quality pictures here - sorry!)      

I love her face - she is so happy and proud of herself!  She has always LOVED to walk and has the biggest smile on her face the whole time.

Riding the car ferry to Plattsburgh, NY

Oh Target, how I love thee!

Tan's new carseat only fit in the front seat

Two more random pics from March:

Kenz eats SO much more than Tanner!  In fact, even when she is done with a meal, if someone else is still eating, she will go beg for their food.  Thus, we call her "our little beggar."  It would be nice if the two kids met in the middle because Tan won't ever eat and Kenz eats constantly.  Ha ha ha!